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Nain #278009

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Showpiece Gonbad Nain Rug

Details for Nain Persian Rug #278009

Rug# 278009
Type: IR, Nain
8' 1"x8' 1" | 247x247cm
Quality: 6-Lah ~500KPSI
Pile: Kurkwool & Silk
Foundation: Cotton
Reg. Price $9,630
20% OFF Now only $7,704
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20% OFF Now only €6,512

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Stunning Gonbad 6-Lah Nain Persian Rug...
This 8ft (2,5m) round Nain rug is a perfect example of what happens when a design matches perfectly the shape of a rug...
The Gonbad design in this round Nain rug is among the most sought-after pattern in round rugs with my clients throughout the world. Nain rugs of this 6-Lah caliber are known for their luxury and quality while the tear drop Gonbad design is perfectly suited for this round shape and size. As with virtually all 6-Lah Nain rugs, this piece features silk highlights throughout the design and the silk appears like small carvings in the light colored borders around the tear drop patterns. These type of Nain rugs are often chosen by my clients who are looking for a showpiece quality rug in an open area of their home or under a table. I think the pictures speak for themselves and if you like to see this piece and other Nain rugs with this Gonbad design, watch the video below which you can see if you view this page in a desktop view.

Facts about Nain Rugs & Habibian Signatures

If you like this Nain Persian rug and like to learn more about the Habibian signature that is often found in Nain rugs, watch this video as it contains several important tips.

Topics: Examples of Nain rugs INCLUDING THIS PIECE and other rare Nain rugs.

Topics: Habibian Signatures!! Learn the truth about the Habibian masterweaver. This is especially important for those of you who already own a Nain rug and are wondering about the signature.

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