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Malayer #157666

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antique malayer persian carpet
antique malayer persian carpet
antique malayer persian carpet
antique malayer persian carpet
antique malayer persian carpet
antique malayer persian carpet
antique malayer persian carpet
antique malayer persian carpet

Antique Malayer Persian Rug

Details for Malayer Persian Rug #157666

Rug# 157666
Type: IR, Malayer
1' 8"x1' 5" | 52x43cm
Quality: Antique
Pile: Wool
Foundation: Cotton
Reg. Price $2,500
20% OFF Now only $2,000
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20% OFF Now only €1,698

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Antique Malayer Persian rug
This antique Malayer rug dates to about 1850 and is one of our oldest priced Persian rug in our inventory...
Sometimes, truly remarkable gifts come in small packagages. This very old Malayer rug dates back to about 1850 and is a great example of what the old weaving techniques of the weavers in Hamadan province are so famous and respected for. The rug weaving in the Hamedan province dates back centuries and Malayer is the second largest city and one of the main rug producing centers in that province.
Based on the condition and size of this Malayer rug, we believe that this rug was placed as a decor rug in a home and must have had virtually no foot traffic on it as its condition is truly excellent. The design and colors date back to the mid 19th century and if you are familiar with Persian rugs, you will notice the influence that the Sarough rug center had on the weavers in Malayer. These type of antique Malayer Persian rugs are rarely ever found and when they are offered, their prices are so astronomical that they become simply too expensive for most. Also, this small size makes this Malayer a perfectly suited decor rug and a perfect addition to a fine collection of rare rugs.

Informational Video About This Antique Rug

If you view this rare antique rug page on a laptop or desktop, you can see my informative video below, which features this and several other small antique rugs. Due to the number of questions I receive about Persian carpets, I have started my own YouTube channel about Persian rugs and amongst the many videos is this one that features this antique Ahmad Shah Qajar Persian rug. As with all of my videos that you see in my website and in our Youtube channel, this video contains NO marketing or sales pitches.

Video about Antique Persian Rugs

If you are interested in this or other antique Persian rugs, feel free to watch this 15 minute as it contains general information and facts about this and several other small antique carpets.

Topic: Examples of several antique Persian rugs and a brief overview.

For addditional videos about Persian rugs and to learn more about the types, designs and general information, visit our informational pages or our own Youtube channel that is all about Persian rugs. Youtube Channel of

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