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Nain #M6331685

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8ft by 5ft nain persian rug
8ft by 5ft nain persian rug
8ft by 5ft nain persian rug
8ft by 5ft nain persian rug
8ft by 5ft nain persian rug
8ft by 5ft nain persian rug
8ft by 5ft nain persian rug
8ft by 5ft nain persian rug
8ft by 5ft nain persian rug
8ft by 5ft nain persian rug
8ft by 5ft nain persian rug

Nain Persian Rug

Details for Nain Persian Rug #M6331685

Rug# M6331685
Type: IR, Nain
8' 3"x5' 2" | 251x157cm
Quality: ~500KPSI
Pile: Kurkwool & Silk
Foundation: Cotton
Reg. Price $6,763
20% OFF Now only $5,410
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20% OFF Now only €4,760

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Showpiece quality Nain Persian rug with a formal design and Isfahan influence.
This high quality 6-Lah Nain Persian rug features the combination of the best in Nain and Isfahan rugs and is a great example of the shared rug weaving cultures of the two rug weaving communities.
The city of Nain is near the regional center of Isfahan, which is why the Isfahan and Nain rugs share many of the same designs and colors. What sets this Nain rug apart is that it is literally an Isfahan inspired Nain rug with everything that an Isfahan rug has except for the foundation, which is cotton instead of silk. High end Isfahan rugs with this quality are almost always made with a silk foundation and the fact that this piece has a cotton foundation made us take a second look at it when we purchased this rug. Everthing from the colors in the border to the design and the overall feel screams Isfahan, but it was made in Nain and features a fine 6-Lah quality. It is simply a remarkable Nain rug and as someone who looks at Persian rugs all day I immediately took a liking to it as I always like to see new ideas and conceptions. The light gray and lack of bold colors make this Nain rug a refreshing exception to the rule and combined with the design make it suitable for an open area or for under a table.

Facts about Nain Rugs & Habibian Signatures

Important Tips about Nain Rugs

If you like Nain Persian rugs or are shopping for one, please watch this 23 minute as it contains several important tips.

Topics: The different qualities in Nain rugs and how to identify them

Topics: Habibian Signatures!! Learn the truth about them and see an actual example of one. This is especially important for those of you who already own a Nain rug and are wondering about the signature

For addditional information and to learn more about Nain rugs, click on the link here about Nain Persian rugs.

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