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Handmade Persian rugs from Qum, Tabriz and Nain. Square pure Silk Qum gombad Persian carpet.
Qum Persian Rugs
Many Qom silk Persian rugs. Pure Silk Qum Persian carpets with silk
Tabriz Persian Rug
Round, square and fine Tabriz Persian rug; Tabriz Persian Rugs in all shapes and sizes
Nain Persian Rugs
8x5 Blue Nain 6Lah Persian rug. Very fine Nain Persian carpet with lots of silk highlights.
Genuine Rugs
Genuine Rugs like this pictorial world map Persian rug, genuine Persian carpets.

Twin Persian Rugs

General Information & Pictures

Dear Visitor,
I have added these pages to my website to show you some of the common designs in Persian rugs.
Another type of Persian rugs that I often hear comments about are the Twin sets and given the number of questions, I thought it might be helpful if I just create a special section just for them and explain their origin in more detail.
One of the reasons why Persian carpets are so valuable and are readily collected is that they are genuine handmade and each rug is slightly different from another. But as with almost every rule, there is always room for an exception and in the case of the oriental rugs it is the twin sets that stand out.
Twin rugs are a fairly new addition to the carpet business and have been around now for only about 20-30 years. Most Persian rugs are still made individually, but some time ago the folks in Tabriz discovered that there was a market for these twin sets and where there is money to be made, a Tabrizi (as the locals are called) is almost always to be found. Actually, what happened was that the Chinese rugs started to appear in the 70's and since they were often mass produced, folks bought multiple pieces for places like long hallways, bedrooms, and large rooms, where two rugs look better than one. Popular place for the smaller twin sets is in bedrooms, where you place each piece by the side of bed. In the old days, you had to search for two almost identical rugs, but now you can just buy a twin carpet set. Another reason why twin rugs are popular, especially the small or odd shaped ones, is in living rooms or similar places, where my clients like to place each one by a couch or under small tables. Unlike many rug weaving places in Iran, where stubbornness rules and weavers rarely ever change their rug designs or shapes, the weavers in Tabriz are very much more open to changes and as a result these twin carpets started to appear. The larger twin rugs have a different reason and purpose. Large twin rugs are virtually always made in Tabriz and it has more to do with economics than anything else. Rug weavers learned that the very large rugs, 9x12 and bigger, are not as popular as the smaller rugs due to the size and cost. Therefore, as the reasoning goes, it is better to offer two two 7x10 pieces than one 14x10 since the two pieces can be sold together to the same person or separately.
Below are examples from our current inventory of twin Persian rugs and to see all of them, check out the various Persian rug pages.

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