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Pure Silk Qom Persian Rugs

General Information, Video & Pictures

Dear Visitor,
I have added several informational pages to my website to explain various Persian rugs in more detail and among them are the very popular pure silk Qum Persian rugs.
IMPORTANT: If you are looking at buying or own a pure silk Qum rug, please watch the 20 min. video in which I explain how to tell the difference between real and fake silk Qum rugs.

Pure Silk Qum Rugs

Qom Iran rug bazaar  Map Qom Iran

Collection of pure silk Qum rugs Qom carpets
oval silk Qom rug qum carpet gonbad silk qum rug qom carpet pictorial silk qum rug qom carpet

Info about the Silk Pictorial Qum Hunting Rugs

The city of Qum (or Qom, Ghom, or Qoom depending on who you ask) is one of the main rug weaving areas of Iran and located about 100 miles (150km) south of Iran. It is considered to be Iran's spiritual and religious center and plays a great role in the Iranian society.
For centuries, Qum developed a rich rug weaving culture and many of the historical places, architecture, religion and culture became promiment features in Qum rugs. Also, as a well known place in the Persian history, it was a center of artist and the rug weavers became known for making the famous pure silk Qum rugs. These are some of the finest and most collected Persian rugs you will find and especially the smaller and medium pieces are typically hang on walls or placed in special places where they are treasured as artpieces.
Next to the rug center in Tabriz, the weavers in Qum are also renowned for the wide variety of designs, colors and and qualities. While the weavers actually produce more wool rugs that are similar to the low and standard grade Tabriz rugs, it is the pure silk rugs made in Qum that are amongst the most valued and collected Persian rugs. In addition to be used as decor rugs in formal rugs, these pieces are also often hang on walls and even framed.

As you can see in the examples above, there is a huge variety of designs and colors available in silk Qum rugs. The Qom rug weavers are also much more likely to weave round, square and oval rugs than the weavers of the other rug centers of Iran. In this section, I will share with you some of the features that make the silk Qum rugs stand out from the rest. Starting at about 350 kpsi to well over 1000, the Qum rugs are some of the finest, but also copied Persian rugs you will see.

IMPORTANT: If you are looking for information about Qum Persian rugs and want to know how to tell if they are real, their value and more, please watch the 20 min video.

Informational Video about Silk Qum Persian Rugs

Below are some of our pure silk Qom Persian rugs with the hunting design and to see all of them, click here: Silk Qum Rugs.

Samples Of Our Current Silk Qum Persian Rugs

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square gonbad qom persian rug
Type: IR, Qum
6' 7"x6' 7" | 200x200cm
Quality: ~350KPSI
Kurkwool & Silk
Reg. Price $18,990
20% OFF!! Now only $15,192
20% OFF! Save $1,578
6x4 gonbad qum silk rug
Type: IR, Qum
6' 7"x4' 5" | 200x135cm
Quality: ~350KPSI
Kurkwool & Silk
Reg. Price $7,888
20% OFF!! Now only $6,311
20% OFF! Save $5,259
10x10 round gonbad qom persian rug
Type: IR, Qum
9' 10"x9' 10" | 300x300cm
Quality: ~350KPSI
Kurkwool & Silk
Reg. Price $26,293
20% OFF!! Now only $21,035
20% OFF! Save $2,221
9x2 qum persian rug silk 800kpsi
Type: IR, Qum
9' 11"x2' 6" | 302x76cm
Quality: ~350KPSI
Kurkwool & Silk
Reg. Price $11,102
20% OFF!! Now only $8,882

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