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Handmade Persian rugs from Qum, Tabriz and Nain. Square pure Silk Qum gombad Persian carpet.
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Many Qom silk Persian rugs. Pure Silk Qum Persian carpets with silk
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Round, square and fine Tabriz Persian rug; Tabriz Persian Rugs in all shapes and sizes
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8x5 Blue Nain 6Lah Persian rug. Very fine Nain Persian carpet with lots of silk highlights.
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Genuine Rugs like this pictorial world map Persian rug, genuine Persian carpets.

Pictorial Persian rugs

General Information & Pictures

Dear Visitor,
I have added these pages to my website to show you some of the common designs in Persian rugs.
When people talk of Persian rugs, the carpets that come to mind are regular shaped pieces with a medallion and some interesting designs, but there are also other types of rug designs and one of the rarities are pictorial Persian rugs. Rugs depicting events or places have been around for centuries and are among the most valuable Persian carpets often seen at fine exhibitions and museums.

Most popular types of Pictorial Persian Rugs:

The two most common types of pictorial Persian rugs come from the Persian rug weaving centers in Tabriz and Qum, which have for centuries turned out some of the most beautiful high quality pieces you can find and here are a few examples.

Pictorial Tabriz Rugs

Tabriz pictorial Persian rug world map   Imperial Pictorial Tabriz Persian rugs.   last supper pictorial Tabriz Persian rug; All Persian Rugs are genuine handmade. Also, every Persian Tabriz rug I offer is made with fine kurkwool/silk.
Pictorial Tabriz Rugs have been around for centuries and come in many different sizes and motives. As a rule, most are of high quality nature and many either feature lots of silk in the designs or have a silk foundation in addition to the silk in the pile. One of the great features in the pictorial Tabriz rugs is that many of them are designed to be framed and if you visit any Iranian family or business, you will most likely find a number of them hanging on walls. The designs can range from religious depictions to modern pictures of people and places. When it comes to variety, the pictorial Tabriz rugs rule the day by the sheer selection that is available.

Pictorial Qum Rugs

2x4 silk qum Persian rug with hunting design; Handmade pictorial Qum silk carpet   Pictorial Tree of Life Silk Qom Persian rug; Pure silk handmade qum carpet with a pictorial tree of life picture.   Pictorial Tree of Life Silk Qom Persian rug; Pure silk handmade qum carpet with a pictorial tree of life picture.
Unlike the Tabriz rugs, the pictorial Qum Persian rugs are typically made of pure silk and while they are typically hang on walls, their thin pile is oftentimes not ideal for framing. Many people assume that the silk Qum rugs should be hang on walls due to their fine quality, but they are of course fine to walk on. The designs of the pictorial pieces along with the fine silk quality however does favor them to be either hang on walls or used as decor items in elegant rooms. Like in the case of the pictorial rugs from Tabriz, the design selection of pictorial Qum carpets can vary greatly, but the one big difference is the availibility of portraits. Whereas in pieces made in Tabriz, Qum rugs rarely ever feature portraits of individuals in their designs and the most common types that do feature people are the hunting rugs, where riders are typically seen on horses.

As you can see in the examples of our current inventory, pictorial rugs can come is a wide array of sizes, qualities, colors, and designs, but they are all typically high end Persian rugs. You will most often find the picture rugs depicting historical or religious places like ruins or mosques, social events like in the hunting scenes or the 4 season rugs, or simply people, plants, or animals. Some are also based on stories or poems and to see some writing along with a picture is not that uncommon.
Another group of pictorial rugs that are also very valuable and tend to be more of a personal matter for most collectors are the religious rugs depicting either events or people from certain religions. The most common pieces are the Tabriz Persian rugs and the pictures are based on Christianity, Islam, and Judaism and they are almost always made with lots of silk perfect for hanging.

Below are some pictorial Persian rugs from our current selection and if you like to see all of them, click Here

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