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We Specialize in High Quality Persian Rugs

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* NO Inflated Prices Followed by Bogus Promotions
* NO Misleading Qualities & Promises
* NO Pushy Sales Tactics & Constant Emails

1000's of Persian Rugs

Persian Rugs - Fine & Rare Carpets

Nain Persian Rugs

Our Nain Rugs are genuine high quality 6-Lah quality with ~500 KPSI and we specialize in pieces that have rare designs and are fine showpieces.
Click here for our Nain Persian Rug galleries

Qum Persian Rugs

The Qum Persian Carpets we offer have 500 to 1400 KPSI and are all pure silk and genuine pieces that often feature the signatures of the weavers.
Click here for our Qum Persian Rug galleries

Tabriz Persian Rugs

We specialize in only high quality Tabriz Rugs that range from 50 to 80 Raj (350-800 KPSI) and are made of fine Lambwool & Silk.
Click here for our Tabriz Persian Rug galleries

Kashmir Silk Rugs

Our own designed Kashmir Silk rugs feature the same single-knot weaving style used in genuine Persian Rugs and are never simply tufted like most.
Click here for our Kashmir Silk Rug galleries
Information about is an internet based Persian carpet business that specializes in handmade high quality Persian rugs. Since 1998, we have been offering high quality Persian rugs to clients all over the US and all four corners of the world.
Unlike typical Persian rug retailers, who purchase many types of rugs from wholesalers and then resell them, we only offer only a few types of high end Persian rugs due to the fact that my family is one of the actual wholesalers that the retailers buy from.
Our specialty is in the high quality Persian rugs you see in my website and I welcome you to shop around and compare the quality and prices of our Persian carpets with those of others. The more rug retailers you visit, the more you will understand why my clients from all over the world and every state in the US appreciate my straight-forward and upfront way of doing business without the haggling and bogus gimmicks that are often practiced by so many rug retailers.

High Quality KELIM &
Beni Ourain BERBER Rugs

Kelim Berber Modern Rugs

Kelim & Berber rugs

We have added high quality Kelim rugs from the mountain ranges of Afghanistan and Morocco in addition to a selection of genuine Beni Ourain Berber Rugs from the mountain ranges of Morocco.
Our new line of Kelim & Berber rugs feature classic, modern and contemporary designs that have become very popular and are 100% handmade.

We Specialize in Genuine High Quality Persian Rugs

Some of Our Most Popular Persian Rug Designs

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Testimonials: Testimonials from my clients from all over world
Rug Buying Guide: Guide and Information to buying Persian rugs and carpets

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Tabriz Persian rugs from 50-80Raj Tabriz rugs from 350-800kpsi    Pure Silk Qom Persian carpets from 400-1500 KPSI finest silk Qom persian carpets - handmade    Nain rugs from 400-600 Many Qom silk Persian rugs. Pure Silk Qum Persian carpets with silk
Tabriz rugs: 50-80 Raj (350-800kpsi)                  Pure Silk Qum Carpets: 400-1500kpsi                  Nain Rugs: 6Lah & 4Lah (400-800kpsi)

We specialize in Persian rugs that most rug retailers can only dream off offering!!

Here are a few of our newly added Persian Rugs

We offer our Persian carpets to all cities in Germany

Frankfurt | Munich | Hamburg | Düsseldorf | Berlin | Stuttgart | Cologne | Hannover | Essen | Bonn |

Added Information about our Persian rugs for our clients in Hannover Germany:
Most of our Persian rugs in Lz Germany come with FREE SHIPPING. As you can see in our Persian rug galleries, I only offer genuine high quality Persian carpets and each one is clearly described. Whether you are looking for Persian rugs in Hannover Germany or live elsewhere, my personal service and advice is always available to you and I welcome you to email or call me with any questions you may have.
While we serve our clients with genuine Persian rugs throughout all of Hannover Germany, we also want you to be able to shop easily for Persian rugs in your area. Once you see what the Persian rugs stores in Hannover Germany charge for their Persian Carpets when compared to our Persian rugs, we are confident you will see why we have been serving clients with fine Persian rugs in since 1999.


Due to the rise of the US dollar, we are able to lower our prices by 20-40%


Persian Rugs - Fine & Rare Carpets
Lots More Information & Videos about Persian Rugs in our desktop Version

Our rugs in a client's home

Persian Rugs - Fine & Rare Carpets


Due to the rise of the US dollar, we are able to lower our prices by 20-40%


Persian Rugs - Fine & Rare Carpets

Our rugs in a client's home

Persian Rugs - Fine & Rare Carpets
Lots More Information & Videos about Persian Rugs in our desktop Version

For our international clients, feel free to contact me and I can assist you in English or German.
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