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Cinar-Istanbul #A599015

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Rare Cinar-Istanbul Silk Rug

Details for Cinar-Istanbul Persian Rug #A599015

Rug# A599015
Type: TR, Cinar-Istanbul
2' 8"x1' 10" | 81x56cm
Quality: 8/8 ~400KPSI
Pile: Silk
Foundation: Silk
Reg. Price $2,588
20% OFF Now only $2,070
NON-US Clients:
20% OFF Now only €1,765

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Old Turkish Cinar-Istanbul rug in stunning like new condition!!br>This pure silk Turkish Cinar-Istanbul piece is a perfect example of that the old silk rug weaving culture in Turkey is famous for. Even tough we estimate that this Cinar-Istabul is at least 50-60 years old, it is in excellent condition as it was treated like a display piece for all of its live.

If you are familiar with the demise of the Turkish Hereke rug industry in Turkey, you would instantly know how special this piece is as the Cinar-Istanbul rugs like this one are no longer made in noticable quantities. Most of the Cinar rug weavers that moved to Istanbul decades ago are no longer in the rug weaving business and as a result finding genuine Turkish Cinar-Istanbul pieces like this one has become somewhat of an adventure in itself. This piece is at least 50 years old and in excellent condition as it was displayed as an artpiece by a collector. The Cinar rugs are a extension of the Hereke family and share many of the weaving techniques and qualities as the higher grade Hereke rugs.
In addition to its sheer rarity is the condition of this piece, which is virtually like new. I have added several videos to our YouTube channel about hanging and framing Persian rugs and this piece is a perfect example of what an ideal Cinar-Istanbul rug is all about. The deep blue background is perfect in bringing out the design features and is with all genuine Cinar-Istanbul carpets, the signature in the top middle is actually upside down due to the weaving method that is used in Turkish silk rugs.

Info About REAL vs. FAKE Hereke Rugs

Due to the large number of inquiries I receive about genuine and fake Hereke rugs and the misinformation that are being peddled by online and rug store retailers, I have created my own YouTube channel where I offer factual information for you like the video below that is about Hereke Silk Rugs. You can see the video if you view this rug page on a laptop or desktop.

Learn about Turkish vs. Chinese Hereke Rugs

Important Tips about Hereke Carpets

If you own or are interested in silk Hereke rugs, please watch this 17 minute video in which I show you real Turkish silk Hereke rugs and the Chinese silk couterparts that are often sold as genuine Turkish rugs. For over 20 years, I have been getting a lot of inquiries about the Hereke rugs and so many have been scammed by the rug dealers in Turkey that I thought I try to show you the difference using actual rugs.

Topic #1: The different qualities in Turkish & Chinese Hereke rugs

Topic #2: Differences in prices

Topic #3: Hereke Signatures!! Learn the truth about them and see an actual example of one that was added to a Chinese copy to make it look like a Turkish piece

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