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Qum #A598665

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pazyryk silk qum carpet
pazyryk silk qum carpet
pazyryk silk qum carpet
pazyryk silk qum carpet
pazyryk silk qum carpet
pazyryk silk qum carpet
pazyryk silk qum carpet
pazyryk silk qum carpet
pazyryk silk qum carpet
pazyryk silk qum carpet
pazyryk silk qum carpet
pazyryk silk qum carpet


Details for Qum Persian Rug #A598665

Rug# A598665
Type: IR, Qum
5' 0"x3' 4" | 153x102cm
Quality: ~400KPSI
Pile: Silk
Foundation: Silk
Reg. Price $5,584
20% OFF Now only $4,467
NON-US Clients:
20% OFF Now only €3,868

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Extremely well preserved old Qum carpet with the famous Pazyryk design.
This ~50 year old silk Qum rug with the famous Pazyryk design is a great example of what the older Qum pure silk Persian rugs were all about and was such a pleasure to be able to find it in this condition.
The Pazyryk design is named after the oldest known handmade carpet to exist and is featured in a museum in Russia. Dating back about 2500 years, a rug was discovered under layers of ice with this design and since then weavers in Tabriz and Qum have at times made high quality pieces with the Pazyryk design. If you like, feel free to watch the video below in which I showcase the Pazyryk design and share examples with you.
In adddition to the unique design, this Qum rug is also made with a Turkish instead of Persian knots, which are much more common in the new Qum rugs. While the Persian knot allows for tighter knots and therefore higher knot counts, the older Qum rugs with the Turkish knots are appreciated for their strength and durability. Also, the older Qum rugs were made with vegetable dyes and many of my clients specifically appreciate the older pieces for their all natural dyes and sturdy beauty. Whenever I have clients ask me about the differences between the older pure silk Qum rugs and the newer ones, I always point out that I compare them to muscle cars. The new Ford Mustangs are faster, safer with far more comforts, but it was my friends 66 Mustang convertable that had people turning their heads and gives us thumbs ups...
If you are a fan of the old-school Persian rugs, you will obviously enjoy it and if you are new to Persian rugs, well then I welcome you to a rug from a bygone era. As is also customary in Qum rugs, the top features the signature of the workshop.

Informational Video About the Pazyryk Rugs

If you view this Qum rug page on a laptop or desktop, you can see my informative video below about the Pazyryk design in Persian rugs. Due to the number of questions I receive about Persian carpets and especially the pure silk Qum rugs, I have made several videos that details the Qum rugs with information and examples of various types of qualities that are commonly found in these rugs. As with all of my videos that you see in my website and in our Youtube channel, this video contains NO marketing or sales pitches.

Facts about Pazyryk Rugs

Important Tips about Qum Rugs

If you like to learn more about the famous Pazyryk design, watch this 15 minute video below.

Topic: Different examples of Persian rugs with the Pazyryk design.

For addditional videos about Persian rugs and to learn more about the types, designs and general information, visit our informational pages or our own Youtube channel that is all about Persian rugs. Youtube Channel of

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