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Qum #A595965

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square silk qom persian rug
square silk qom persian rug
square silk qom persian rug
square silk qom persian rug
square silk qom persian rug
square silk qom persian rug
square silk qom persian rug
square silk qom persian rug
square silk qom persian rug
square silk qom persian rug
square silk qom persian rug
square silk qom persian rug

Square Silk Qom Rug

Details for Qum Persian Rug #A595965

Rug# A595965
Type: IR, Qum
5' 0"x4' 9" | 152x145cm
Quality: ~500KPSI
Pile: Pure Silk
Foundation: Pure Silk
Reg. Price $4,924
20% OFF Now only $3,939
NON-US Clients:
20% OFF Now only €3,382

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Rare new square Qum rug with ~500 KPSI...
This pure silk Qum Persian rug features a very special something that collectors of Persian rugs immediately notice...
The workmanship and quality of this Qum rug is like the ones from decades ago and the silk was also spun like it was done back in the days, but it is a new piece. On top of the workmanship, which is rarely ever found in new rugs, the design and colors are of the same era, so it is a very rare piece. And as if the Qum rug is not unique enough, it also features a rare 5 foot (1,5m) square size which is obviously perfertly suited for the design. The attention to detail and the pride of the workmanship is clearly obvious in this piece and it is great to find new pieces from weavers that still use the Old-School techniques. For someone like me who sees fine Persian rugs everyday, this piece is a very refreshing surprise and it a Qum rug that I am very proud to be able to offer.

Info About REAL vs. FAKE Qum Rugs

Due to the large number of inquiries I receive about genuine and fake silk Qum rugs and the large amount of misinformation that are being peddled by online and rug store retailers, I have created my own YouTube channel where I offer factual information for you like the video below that is about Qum Silk Rugs. You can see the video if you view this rug page on a laptop or desktop.

Facts about Silk Qum Persian Rugs

Important Tips about Qom Rugs

If you are looking for a silk Qum Persian rug or already own one, please watch this 20 minute as it contains several important tips as there are alot of fraudulant pieces being sold as genuine and there is an awful lot of misinformation about them.

Topic #1: The different qualities in Qum rugs and a brief overview

Topic #2: Learn easy ways ot tell if the silk Qum rugs are genuine pieces

Topic #3: Signatures!! Do not fall for the sale gimmick if you are told that signatures add value

For addditional information and to learn more about Qum silk rugs, click on the link here about Qum Silk Persian rugs.

Feel free to contact me with any questions.
Mike Panah, Owner of MPrugs
(719) 896-1327

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