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Hereke #A594935

20% OFF! Save $1,515
1500kpsi silk hereke turkish rug
1500kpsi silk hereke turkish rug
1500kpsi silk hereke turkish rug
1500kpsi silk hereke turkish rug
1500kpsi silk hereke turkish rug
1500kpsi silk hereke turkish rug
1500kpsi silk hereke turkish rug
1500kpsi silk hereke turkish rug
1500kpsi silk hereke turkish rug
1500kpsi silk hereke turkish rug
1500kpsi silk hereke turkish rug
1500kpsi silk hereke turkish rug
1500kpsi silk hereke turkish rug
1500kpsi silk hereke turkish rug

Incredible 1800+kpsi Hereke rug

Details for Hereke Persian Rug #A594935

Rug# A594935
Type: TR, Hereke
2' 0"x1' 4" | 62x41cm
Quality: 17/17 ~1800+KPSI
Pile: Silk
Foundation: Silk
Reg. Price $7,575
20% OFF Now only $6,060
NON-US Clients:
20% OFF Now only €5,315

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Incredible 17/17 1800+kpsi Hereke rug
This fine Hereke rug is amongst the finest Persian rugs we offer with an incredible 1800+ kpsi and in excellent condition.
Hereke rugs like this incredible 17/17 quality piece are nowadays made in China and finding authentic Turkish Hereke silk pieces like this one has become very rare as most tend to be very expensive and are not available on the open market. We were fortunate to purchase a few of these incredible rare Hereke rugs from a family of a private collector and there are even finer pieces that we may keep for ourselves as they are truly collectable pieces. In order to make these type of silk rugs, the weavers work with the finest silk and literally place a magnifying glass over the weaving board so that they can see the knots they are weaving. This type of hyper fine weaving has become all but extinct in Hereke rugs as the cheaper Chinese silk rugs are woven without the actual knots that is common in Hereke rugs and can be made at a fraction of the cost. Over the years, the costs of these genuine Hereke artpieces has gone up so much that they are virtually not made any longer and the ones that you will find are typically made in this small size due to the amount of time and attention each piece requires. If this was a larger piece, the price would be astronomical and that is why most Hereke rugs like this one are found in small sizes that are then displayed as artpieces or hang on walls.
This 17/17 Hereke piece features a design, colors and workmanship that points to a piece that is about 60 years old and was owned by a collector who treated it like an artpiece. Besides the blue background, which is rare in Hereke rugs of that era, the other feature I want to point out is the mirror reflection, which is actually typical in Hereke rugs but rarely noticed. If you were to fold Hereke rugs in the middle along the vertical line, the designs in the genuine Hereke rugs tend to be mirrored and if you look closely at the borders along both sides, you will see how they are the same. The signature which is typical for Hereke rugs is in the top right corner.

Info About REAL vs. FAKE Hereke Rugs

Due to the large number of inquiries I receive about genuine and fake Hereke rugs and the misinformation that are being peddled by online and rug store retailers, I have created my own YouTube channel where I offer factual information for you like the video below that is about Hereke Silk Rugs. You can see the video if you view this rug page on a laptop or desktop.

Learn about Turkish vs. Chinese Hereke Rugs

Important Tips about Hereke Carpets

If you own or are interested in silk Hereke rugs, please watch this 17 minute video in which I show you real Turkish silk Hereke rugs and the Chinese silk couterparts that are often sold as genuine Turkish rugs. For over 20 years, I have been getting a lot of inquiries about the Hereke rugs and so many have been scammed by the rug dealers in Turkey that I thought I try to show you the difference using actual rugs.

Topic #1: The different qualities in Turkish & Chinese Hereke rugs

Topic #2: Differences in prices

Topic #3: Hereke Signatures!! Learn the truth about them and see an actual example of one that was added to a Chinese copy to make it look like a Turkish piece

Feel free to contact me with any questions.
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