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Kashmir Rug #A576915

Details for Kashmir Persian Rug #A576915

Rug# A576915
Type: IN, Kashmir
9' 11"x13' 0" | 302x395cm

Foundation: Cotton
Reg. Price $14913.00

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High Quality Kashmir Silk rug with a Single Knot quality.
This Kashmir rug is one of many that we have made for us in India and the quality is called "Single Knot" and are made of a similar quality as the 50 Raj Tabriz Persian rugs, but with a silk pile. It features the popular Gonbad design and as you can see by the pictures, the colors change depending on the lighting and viewing angle. The silk pile is absolutely beautiful and its a great mix of the solid 50 raj quality that you find in the Tabriz rugs and the look and feel of the silk Qum rugs.
The pile is made of silk and the foundation is cotton, which gives it the extra strength and durability. My clients are always taken back by how the colors change in our Kashmir rugs depending on the viewing angle and you can see the contrast in the pictures as well.

Additional Information that may be of help to you:
Since we specialize in high quality Persian rugs, we wanted to make sure to that our Kashmir rugs are made of the high quality that we can be proud off to offer. After we have had many retailers who have asked us to also a line of Kashmir rugs to our inventory, we decided to create our own line of Kashmir rugs that are in the 18/18 and Single-Knot quality and after 20 years of not featuring them in my website, I have expanded my online selection to include them as well.
The single-knot Kashmir rugs are very similar in thickness and quality to the 50 Raj Tabriz rug and the main difference is the pile, which is 100% silk in the Kashmir rugs. Unlike the 18/18 line of Kashmir rugs, the single-knot Kashmir rugs are knotted by hand similar to the Tabriz rugs and are as a result stronger and of a higher quality than the 18/18 Kashmir rugs.

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