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Tabriz Rug #A570685

Details for Tabriz Persian Rug #A570685

Rug# A570685
Type: IR, Tabriz
10' 4"x8' 4" | 314x255cm

Foundation: Cotton
Reg. Price $13010.00

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Genuine Hosseini Tabriz rug with a lots of silk highlights...
The Hosseini family followed in the footsteps of the Faraji family in Tabriz who pioneered this large floral design that you see in this Tabriz rug many decades ago and we have been fortunate to be able to purchase many of their rugs over the years. As you browse throughout my site, you will many others rugs like this one. The silk highlights gives this pieces an added feel of luxury and it is perfectly suited for a formal room like a living room or a master bedroom.
As an added bonus, the Hosseini family also added their signature and you can see it in the pictures.

Additional Information that may be of help to you:
All of our Tabriz rug are genuine handmade Persian rugs made in and around the city of Tabriz. These are authentic pieces made in the same fashion for centuries.
Tabriz rugs can range from the standard quality of 30-40Raj, which are typically made of wool and have ~200KPSI or less, to the extremely fine 70+Raj pieces that can have up to 700+KPSI. Virtually all of our Tabriz rugs are made of very fine lambwool (Kurkwool) and typically have silk added to their pile as highlights to help bring out the design and colors.
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