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Mashad #155555

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Rare Semi-Antique Silk Mashad Rug

Details for Mashad Persian Rug #155555

Rug# 155555
Type: IR, Mashad
4' 11"x3' 10" | 150x116cm
Quality: ~700KPSI
Pile: Silk
Foundation: Silk
Reg. Price $5,486
20% OFF Now only $4,389
NON-US Clients:
20% OFF Now only €3,771

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Rare Silk Mashad rug with stunning quality - great decor rug!!
This pure silk old Mashad rug is a great example of what the dying art of genuine pure silk Mashad rugs are all about. The Persian rugs in Mashad are known for their traditional wool rugs similar to the kashan rugs, but there are also a few pure silk rug weavers, whose numbers are dwindeling and who specialize is masterpieces like this one.
Made of pure silk, this Mashad is about 70 years old and was clearly displayed by the owner as an artpiece as it is in excellent condition and like new. The silk is extremely soft and as is common in the pure silk Mashad rugs, the dyes are all natural with earthly colors. Design in this piece is very traditional tribal as the geometric patterns and writing points to a heavy Kurdish influence. Another rarity in this Mashad piece are the colorful fringes, which is done very much on purpose and called "Haft Rang", which translates into 7 colors from Farsi. This colorful silk foundation used to be more common in the past and is nowadays done by only a few weavers out of respect to the tradition. The workmanship and softness of this pure silk Mashad rug puts it on the same level as the Turkish Hereke rugs and it is truly remarkable to find a rare old piece like this one in this condition.

Video about this Mashad Rug

This Mashad rug is such a rare find that it is featured in our YouTube channel that is all about Persian rugs. Due to the large number of inquiries I receive about genuine and fake silk rugs and the misinformation that are being peddled by online and rug store retailers, I have created my own YouTube channel where I offer factual information for you like the video below that is all about this Mashad Silk Rug. You can see the video if you view this rug page on a laptop or desktop.

Learn about Silk Mashad Rugs

Example of a rare silk Mashad Carpet

If you own or are interested in silk Mashad rugs, watch this video in which I showcase the Mashad silk rug that you see featured in this page.

Topic #1: Brief history of Mashad rugs

Topic #2: Introduction to Silk Mashad carpets

Topic #3: Overview of silk Mashad rugs using this piece as a reference

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