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Kelim #151974

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Silk Kelim Persian Rug

Details for Kelim Persian Rug #151974

Rug# 151974
Type: IR, Kelim
9' 3"x6' 7" | 282x200cm
Quality: Kelim
Pile: Silk
Foundation: Cotton
Reg. Price $2,738
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Handmade Silk Kelim rug...
This Kelim rug is a classic tribal type of handmade carpet that is becoming popular again with our clients.
Made in the tribal regions in Iran by weavers who have been weaving silk Kelim rugs for centuries, this type of Kelim rug have not changed in centuries and are often called Verni, Nimbaft or Ardabil depending on the background of the rug seller. The blend of silk and wool yarn is woven on a cotton foundation and they are very soft and fine. Colors and design is very classic of Verni silk Kelim rugs and it is a great example of what a fine Kelim is all about. Perfectly designed in a modern or classic room, these Kelim rugs work as great accent pieces and are suitable for floors, decor throw rugs or for hanging on walls.

Video about Persian Kilim Rugs

Info and examples about various types of popular Persian Kilim rugs such as the Nimbaft, Sirjan and Ardabil.
Over the past 20+ years, I have received so many questions and interest about rare Persian rugs that I created our own YouTube channel about Persian rugs and here is a video about Persian Kilim rugs that will hopefully give you lots of helpful advice without any gimmicks or sales pitches.

Topic: Examples of Nimbaft, Sirjan and Ardabil Kilim rugs and a brief overview

For addditional information about Kilim rugs and for tips on what to look for when buying Persian rugs in general, visit and subscribe to our Youtube channel YouTube Channel about Persian Rugs.

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