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Qum #A513585

10% OFF! Save $3500

Versace Silk Qum Rug

Details for Qum Persian Rug #A513585

Rug# A513585
Type: IR, Qum
9' 10"x8' 0" | 300x243cm
Quality: ~625KPSI
Pile: Pure Silk
Foundation: Pure Silk
Reg. Price $35000.00
10% OFF Now only $31500

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Showpiece Quality Versace Design...
This Qum rug features the classic Versace Design and is very popular with my clients who are looking for a large formal rug to place under a table. Others like the solid black color, which is rare in Persian rugs and the fact that the Versace design is known for its lack of a medallion. The quality and workmanship is everything you would expect from a showpiece quality Qum rug and it is signed like most of our genuine silk Qum rugs.

Info About REAL vs. FAKE Qum Rugs

Due to the large number of inquiries I receive about genuine and fake silk Qum rugs and the large amount of misinformation that are being peddled by online and rug store retailers, I have created my own YouTube channel where I offer factual information for you like the video below that is about Qum Silk Rugs. You can see the video if you view this rug page on a laptop or desktop.

Facts about Silk Qum Persian Rugs

Important Tips about Qom Rugs

If you are looking for a silk Qum Persian rug or already own one, please watch this 20 minute as it contains several important tips as there are alot of fraudulant pieces being sold as genuine and there is an awful lot of misinformation about them.

Topic #1: The different qualities in Qum rugs and a brief overview

Topic #2: Learn easy ways ot tell if the silk Qum rugs are genuine pieces

Topic #3: Signatures!! Do not fall for the sale gimmick if you are told that signatures add value

For addditional information and to learn more about Qum silk rugs, click on the link here about Qum Silk Persian rugs.

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