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Tabriz #T40025

20% OFF! Save $1100
5x3 fine twin tabriz rugs
5x3 fine twin tabriz rugs
5x3 fine twin tabriz rugs

Twin Gonbad Tabriz Rugs

Details for Tabriz Persian Rug #T40025

Rug# T40025
Type: IR, Tabriz
5' 1"x3' 5" | 155x103cm
Quality: ~400KPSI
Pile: Kurkwool & Silk
Foundation: Silk
Reg. Price $5500.00
20% OFF Now only $4400

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This TWIN Tabriz set is one of the few silk foundation that we are currently offering and its everything you would expect from showpiece quality 60 Raj Tabriz rugs. The 60 Raj Tabriz rugs typically feature a silk foundation and lots of silk in the design and the details. They are perfectly suited for formal areas of a home or office and the twin Tabriz rugs in this size are very versatile. Twin rugs and especially the small to medium sized rugs have always been very popular with my clients who are looking for rugs for their bedrooms, bathrooms or as decor items.

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