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Handmade Persian rugs from Qum, Tabriz and Nain. Square pure Silk Qum gombad Persian carpet.
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Many Qom silk Persian rugs. Pure Silk Qum Persian carpets with silk
Tabriz Persian Rug
Round, square and fine Tabriz Persian rug; Tabriz Persian Rugs in all shapes and sizes
Nain Persian Rugs
8x5 Blue Nain 6Lah Persian rug. Very fine Nain Persian carpet with lots of silk highlights.
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Genuine Rugs like this pictorial world map Persian rug, genuine Persian carpets.

Nain Persian Rugs

General Information & Pictures

Dear Visitor,
I have added these pages to my website to show you some of the common designs in Nain Persian rugs. Even though my specialty is in new Tabriz rugs, I also offer some other types of Persian rugs and one of them being the high end Nain rugs that you see below.
Nain rugs are actually a fairly new additions to the Persian rug trade as they evolved around 1945. Prior to that time there were some rug weaving going on, but for all purposes the Nain rugs did not come about until after the second world war. Nain is a city located in the center of Iran next to the large city of Isfahan. There are several small towns that make up the area including Nain, but it is a very small town and very close to the much bigger city of Isfahan (~100 miles), and as a result most weavers are actually located in Isfahan. Isfahan is the main business and social center for that entire area, so over the years most of the Nain rug weavers moved closer to Isfahan. Since Isfahan is also a very important rug weaving city, the Nain rugs are very heavily influenced by the design and style of the Isfahan rugs. They often share similar colors and designs, but are very different in qualities. The Isfahan rugs tend to have lots of reds and blues, whereas the Nain rugs are typically centered around the beige theme.
Another big difference is that the high end Isfahan rugs almost always made with a silk foundation and pictorial rugs are also common, whereas Nain rugs rarely ever use a silk foundation even in their super high end qualities and pictorial Nain rugs are virtually unheard off. Since I only deal in high quality Persian rugs, my selection of Nain rugs is also geared towards the high end pieces. Most Nain rugs are known for their lower quality more inexpensive rugs, but the ones I offer are all high end pieces that typically feature 500kpsi or more. Unlike Tabriz rugs, the quality of Nain rugs is not measured in Raj (knot count in 7 cm), but in Lah, which is the number of yarn that make up one fringe. For example, lower quality Nain rugs have a very thick pile and they typically can have up to 15 yarn. If you look around Ebay, you will find a whole lot of them and they typically have about 80-120 kpsi. This quality could be 15-Lah, but is commonly referred to as Tapas. Once you go a bit higher in quality, you get Nain rugs that are 9-Lah, which are still a bit coarse, but already much finer and more luxurious. These 9-Lah have around 200-250 kpsi and are the in between between the lower quality and the high end pieces. The next quality is the one that I offer, which is 6-Lah, also called Sheshlah, and these Nain rugs are definitely high end with 500 kpsi and more. The finest Nain rugs are 4-Lah and even 3-Lah, but they are so extremely rare and expensive, that they are more of a collector's rug than something that you would find in stores or homes

Video about Nain Persian rugs and the Nain Habibian rugs

The video here will give you some added information about Nain Persian rugs and also explain the Habibian Nain rugs that are often asked about by my clients.

Below are some of our 6Lah Nain Persian rugs that we are currently offering and to see all of them, check out our main Nain rug gallery.

Feel free to contact me with any questions.
Mike Panah, Owner of MPrugs
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