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General Information & Pictures

Dear Visitor,
I have added these pages to my website to show you some of the common designs in Persian rugs. Among the hardest to find and very popular design in Persian rugs is the Gonbad pattern, which is also referred as the dome shaped design. It is inspired by the inside ceilings of mosques, which typically feature colorful and geomeric ceilings. This Gonbad design typically comes in three different designs and I will show you a few examples of them along with some added info.

Example of Classic Gonbad Design: Tabriz rugs

8x11 Gonbad Tabriz Persian rug   Round Gonbad Tabriz Persian rug; 6' 2m round tabriz Persian Rugs genuine handmade. high quality round Persian rug with Gombad design.   10x10 3m square gonbad Tabriz Persian rug.

The Gonbad design was first popularized in Persian rugs by the weavers in Tabriz and as a result, the majority of Gonbad Persian rugs are Tabriz rugs like the three examples above. Even though the design is now being copied by many other weavers and is now also found in Indian and Chinese rugs, the most classic example of the geometric design is found in high quality Tabriz rugs. Due to the difficulty in weaving geometric designs like the Gonbad design, only a small percentage of weavers have the skills to make rugs with this design and it is common to find this design in only high quality Persian rugs.

Example of Variations in Gonbad Design: Leaf Design

3'x3' 1m square 600kpsi Stunning Gonbad Qum Persian rug   3x5 Gonbad Tabriz Persian rug, Rare Gombad carpet   10x10 3m square gonbad Tabriz Persian rug.

This variation of the Gonbad design is by far the most popular pattern that I'm fortunate to be to offer and the leaf design is also popular in other types of Persian rugs such as the pure silk Qum rugs at at times in high quality Nain rugs. As you can see in the pictures, the pattern starts out in the center with a round medailion and then works its way out with the leaf pattern that become larger as you move away from the center. This Gonbad design is by far the most challenging one to make as the attention to symmetry is an absolute priority and the weaver has to be extremely well trained to achieve the proper look.

Example of Variations in Gonbad Design: Various other Designs

10x10 3m square 900kpsi Masterpiece Gonbad Qum Persian rug.   5x7 Gonbad Tabriz Persian rug. Dome Design Gombad Tabriz Persian carpet.   Gonbad Design Qom silk Persian rugs. Pure Silk Qum Persian carpet with the Gombad Dome design.

With the growing competion from rug manufacturers in India and China, some Gonbad weavers in Iran have decided to venture out and try out new variations and here a few examples. These Gonbad inspired designs tend to be very hard to find and are typically only made by a handful of masterweavers who have the skills to make such amazing Persian rugs. While the geometric designs is obvious in all of these masterpieces, a great deal of attention is also given to the quality and workmanship. As a result, most of these rare Gonbad rugs are considered to be masterpieces and are often amongst the finest Persian rugs you will find.

As you can see in the examples above, the Gombad Persian rugs come in several designs, which are very similar and yet have subtle differences. If you were standing in a center of a large mosque and looked up at the ceiling, you would typically find colorful tiles that are shaped very similar like you see in the design of the Persian rugs below. The various Gonbad designs are fairly new in Persian carpets and have only been around for about 30 years, although they really became popular only in the last 10 years. The Gombad Faraji Tabriz carpets feature typically shades of blue with a darker blue on the outside and the lighter as you move towards the center. Unlike the more classical Gombad designs, there are no large colorful areas; instead there are diamond shaped leafs that get larger as you move away from the center. It almost resembles a bursting star. Both designs are ideally suited for round and square rugs, where the geometric design works best, but I have sold many in all shapes and sizes.
The quality of the Tabriz Gombad carpets typically start in the high end 50 Raj (~350 kpsi) and can go as high as 80 Raj (700+ kpsi) and I have not yet seen any in the lower quality range. The various Gonbad designs are also often found in pure silk Qom Persian rugs and at times in Nain and Isfahan carpets, although those are very rare. Considering that these are genuine handmade rugs, it is very hard to create this large geometric design where proper shape and dimensions are an absolute most. Since the rugs are made from one end to the next, the weaver has to be very skilled and careful to make sure that every piece is of the same size and shape, or else the pattern will not fit together. This is one of the reasons why these Gonbad carpets are only offered in high end qualities and are nowhere near as common as the regular Persian rugs.

Below are some of our newly listed Persian Gonbad rugs and to see all of them, check out our main Gonbad rug galleries by clicking on the link here: GONBAD PERSIAN RUGS

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