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Handmade Carpets
Handmade Persian rugs from Qum, Tabriz and Nain. Square pure Silk Qum gombad Persian carpet.
Qum Persian Rugs
Many Qom silk Persian rugs. Pure Silk Qum Persian carpets with silk
Tabriz Persian Rug
Round, square and fine Tabriz Persian rug; Tabriz Persian Rugs in all shapes and sizes
Nain Persian Rugs
8x5 Blue Nain 6Lah Persian rug. Very fine Nain Persian carpet with lots of silk highlights.
Genuine Rugs
Genuine Rugs like this pictorial world map Persian rug, genuine Persian carpets.

About MPrugs

Greetings from Hamburg Germany and from Colorado Springs USA

Hello and welcome to my website,
My name is Mike Panah, owner of MPrugs, and I like to personally welcome you to my website MPrugs is an internet based Persian rug business based in Colorado Springs, Colorado that I founded in October of 1999 and since then I have been fortunate to have served clients through in all 50 states in the US and throughout the world.
My website is an extention of our main Persian rug wholesale business, which is located in the wholesale district (Speicherstadt) of Hamburg, Germany where we are proud to be one of the few wholesaler who specialize in the high quality Persian rugs that you see in my website and that have been supplying retail stores around the world. The wholesale district in Hamburg is not only an UNESCO recogniced world heritate site and the largest warehouse district in the world, but also the largest wholesale district of Persian rugs and Oriental carpets.
Back in 1999, while I was in the States and my family was busy running our business in Germany, I decided to share my passion and knowledge about Persian rugs by starting a little website where I showcased some of our Persian rugs and more importantly gave my visitors some straight-forward and useful information about Persian rugs and the industry as a whole. Like so many of my clients, I was also fed up with all of the bogus sales techniques and shaddy practices that are unfortunately rampant in the rug industry and wanted to offer fellow Persian rug enthusiasts a simple and useful source for accurate information. What I never imagined was that folks truly liked my simple and straight-forward approach to a point that they would not only purchase the rugs I offered, but kept coming back while refering me to others. And after nearly 20 years, I have literally shipped my Persian rugs to clients in all 50 states in the US and to over 80 countries without spending any money on ads or misleading my clients with bogus sales.
By offering only genuine high quality Persian rugs at prices that virtually nobody can match due to my direct family connection, I can safely recommend that you shop around and feel free to compare my selection with that of any other retailer. Whereas most retailers carry rugs from all over the world and only offer a few high quality Persian rugs, I only offer the finest and nothing else.

My family's Persian rug obsession

It all started around 1900 with my great grandfather opening a little rug store in the main bazaar of Tabriz city. Eventually my grandfather took it over in the 1930's and in 1961 my father decided to expand the business by opening a retail and wholesale rug shop in Germany. In 1985 my family moved to the US, but my father missed the rug business too much and they moved back to Germany in 1991. Our family rug business has always centered around genuine Persian rugs and our specialty is in the type of rugs you see in my website. Unlike most rug sellers, who offer Persian carpets from all over the world by purchasing them from wholesalers, we deal directly with the weavers and are proud to have such a close relationship with them.
My mother standing in front of a Persian rug weaver in Tabriz as he is was weaving a rug that we purchased.

Dad's Lesson #1: The finer the rug, the smoother the ride!!

1969: Dad teaching me

2009: Me teaching son

Dad's Lesson #2: Keep it simple, honest and have fun!!

As you browse through my various rug galleries and informational pages, you will notice that my prices and descriptions are straight to the point and I do not believe in offering you a bunch of bull just to make a quick sale. Unlike most Persian rug stores, I don't offer bogus sale or exaggerate the quality of my rugs. What you see is what you get!
When I started my own rug business endeavor in 1999 and created my website, I chose deliberately to continue the same business habits that my father taught me, which were to have fun, be honest, and treat clients as if they were lifelong friends. No more and no less!
And after more than 15 years, I can honestly tell you that it is working. If you check out my testimonial pages, you can see that I have clients all over the world, who keep coming back for more and are referring me to their friends and family because they know that I truly practice what I preach.

The grand result is that here at, you will find honest prices on top of quality Persian rugs and a personal service that is of the highest standard. That is my commitment to you.
Whether you are a client or just looking around, if you have any questions or comments, always feel free to let me know and I will do my very best to assist you.
Mike Panah


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Feel free to contact me with any questions.
Mike Panah, Owner of MPrugs
(719) 896-1327

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