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Greetings from Hamburg Germany and from Colorado Springs USA

Hello and welcome to,
My name is Mike Panah, owner of MPrugs, and I like to personally welcome you to my website and give you a little bit of a background about our business and myself. MPrugs is an internet based Persian rug business founded in October of 1999 and based in beautiful Colorado Springs, Colorado. was started by me in 1999 as a way to share my interest and background in Persian rugs with others. Being born into a family that has been in the Persian rug business for generations that started with my great-grandfather opening a rug store in the bazaar of Tabriz, Iran around 1900. Two generations later, my father expanded our rug business by opening a wholesale business in the wholesale district (Speicherstadt) of Hamburg, Germany where we are proud to be one of the few wholesaler who specialize in the high quality Persian rugs that you see in my website and that have been supplying retail stores around the world. The wholesale district in Hamburg is not only an UNESCO recogniced world heritate site and the largest warehouse district in the world, but also the largest wholesale district of Persian rugs and Oriental carpets in the world.

Persian rug weavers producing Persian carpets Persian rugs at

My mother visting with rug weavers in Tabriz back in 2005 and my dad introducing me to Persian rugs back in 1969 in Germany, before I moved to the US in 1985 and started my life traveling back and forth between the US and Germany. is NOT like other rug stores or online retailers is all about sharing our knowledge and passion with you without the gimmicks that so many others in the rug industry apply.

Unlike virtually all Persian rug businesses, my initial thought was to use my website to share information about Persian rugs and it was through my feedback from so many that I decided to offer our own Persian rugs in my website. There are several important differences between and other online retailers that I want to point out...

Focus on Information....NOT just Sales & Profits

Focus #1: YouTube videos with actual useful information and without the gimmicks is proud to offer lots of information throughout our website as well as educational videos that you can see in our pages and on Youtube.
With so much hype and nonsense about Persian rugs, I have created my own Youtube channel where I explain different types, designs and facts about Persian rugs that many of my clients find helpful. You will also notice that I make it a point of not promoting my own rugs and do my best to stick to the actual facts.
To see all of my videos on Persian rugs on Youtube, please click here:YouTube Channel of

Focus #2: Informational pages about Persian rugs

In addition to our YouTube channel, we have also created many informational rug pages that specifically explain certain types, designs, and other aspects of Persian rugs. With so much nonsense being peddled by rug sellers, I want you to have actual information that you can use to determine the facts and values about Persian rugs. If you like, feel free to visit our guide to Persian rugs and you will see links to the types of Persian rugs you may be interested in.
To visit our Guide to Persian Rugs, please click here:Guide to Persian Rugs

Focus #3: Serving Clients around the world

Thanks to my family being in the Persian rug wholesale business, we have been serving retailers around the world for decades. Since the start of my website, I have made it a point of not just serving my clients in my local area, but also offer my advice and selection of fine Persian rugs to clients around the world. I am proud to state that after over 20 years, I have clients in all 50 states of the US and in over 60 countries around the world. Here is a list of countries that we have clients in and I hope to add many more places as time goes on. Countries and US states that we have clients in

Final Message:

As you browse through my various rug galleries and informational pages, you will notice that my prices and descriptions are straight to the point and I do not believe in offering you a bunch of bull just to make a quick sale. Unlike most Persian rug stores, I don't offer bogus sale or exaggerate the quality of my rugs. What you see is what you get!
When I started my own rug business endeavor in 1999 and created my website, I chose deliberately to continue the same business habits that my father taught me, which were to have fun, be honest, and treat clients as if they were lifelong friends. No more and no less!
And after more than 20 years, I can honestly tell you that it is working. If you check out my testimonial pages, you can see that I have clients all over the world, who keep coming back for more and are referring me to their friends and family because they know that I truly practice what I preach.

The grand result is that here at, you will find honest prices on top of quality Persian rugs and a personal service that is of the highest standard. That is my commitment to you.
Whether you are a client or just looking around, if you have any questions or comments, always feel free to let me know and I will do my very best to assist you.
Mike Panah

Samples Of Our Available Persian Rugs

5x3 silk tabriz persian rug with pazyryk design
Rug# A484655
Type: IR, Tabriz
4' 11"x3' 4" | 151x101cmcm
Quality: ~350KPSI
Kurkwool & Silk
Reg. Price $2250.00
9 random rugs collected;
10% OFF! Save $603
6x6 square mahi tabriz rug
Rug# A491465
Type: IR, Tabriz
6' 9"x6' 8" | 206x202cmcm
Quality: ~350KPSI
Kurkwool & Silk
Reg. Price $6033.00
10% OFF! Now only $5430
9 random rugs collected;
10% OFF! Save $2428
13x9 handmade gonbad tabriz carpet
Rug# A586505
Type: IR, Tabriz
13' 4"x9' 10" | 407x300cmcm
Quality: ~350KPSI
Kurkwool & Silk
Reg. Price $24278.00
10% OFF! Now only $21850
9 random rugs collected; 59267 no rugPage;

Feel free to contact me with any questions.
Mike Panah, Owner of MPrugs
(719) 896-1327

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