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Nain Persian rug #3178, click on the picture or description for more details about the Persian carpets.
Persian Rug #3142
Brenda D.
Hendersonville, TN
"The Tabriz rug is beautiful.  It is exactly as you described it to me.  I am very pleased with it and with the information you passed on to me.  I enjoyed talking to you. In the long run, I felt I could trust you and what you were telling me about the rug.

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Example of a high quality round Persian rug like this Tabriz round Persian carpet. Tabriz Persian rug #5141, gonbad Persian carpets & Persian rugs. Qom PURE SILK Persian rug, octagon qum Persian carpets & rugs. Nain Persian rug #5158, large Persian carpets & genuine Persian rugs.
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Moving SALE - Up to 30% OFF all remaining Persian rugs. This Sale is for a few weeks only!

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