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Brenda D.
Hendersonville, TN
"The Tabriz rug is beautiful.  It is exactly as you described it to me.  I am very pleased with it and with the information you passed on to me.  I enjoyed talking to you. In the long run, I felt I could trust you and what you were telling me about the rug.

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My Personal Blogs

Update: 2/16/15

Quick Update about the US embargo:

  • Like so many others in the Persian rug trade, I have been following the development of our political negotiations with regards to the embargo. Since I have had several clients calling me, I thought I give you a brief update and basically let you know that the embargo is still in effect.

  • As many of my clients have noticed, I have sold the vast majority of my remaining rugs and I hope that the current negotiations will bear fruit in the next few months.

  • One of the questions often asked is whether the prices of Persian rugs will decline if the embargo were to be lifted and my best guess is "no". Due to the high inflation rate in Iran and the drop in high end Persian rug production, I do not foresee a drop in prices unless the dollar keeps gaining in value. As of now, many in the rug industry have stated that the Persian rugs are often cheaper here in the US than in Iran and I simply do not expect the production to pick up. Hopefully I will have great news to report in the next few months and will keep my fingers crossed in the meantime.

Update: 5/9/13

New Videos added:

  • Video about Qom rugs.
    If you like Qom rugs, watch the 14 minute video where I try to answer some of the most common questions that I receive on a regular basis.

  • Video about the Persian rug industry and our wholesale rug business in Germany.
    12 minute video in which I explain how a rug gets from a weaver to a store or website. I explain how the rug industry works and also introduce you to our main wholesale business in Germany.

Click on this link to see all of the videos: http://www.mprugs.com/persian-rugs-videos.htm

Update: 4/21/13

New Updates & changes to the website:

  • New section has been added showcasing some of our high end Persian rugs that we feature at our main wholesale business in Germany.

  • New video will be added shortly showcasing and explaining the main rug wholesale district in the world, which is located in Hamburg Germany.

After years of listening to my clients asking me about how I'm able to offer only high end rugs and having to explain our main wholesale business in Germany, I have decided to add a new section that showcases a sample of our rug selection.
In addition, I will also be creating and including a video that not only shows our wholesale business, but also explains how the Persian rug industry operates with pictures and video segments from the largest Persian rug wholesale district in the world, which is located in Hamburg Germany.

Update: 1/6/13

Lots of Information to share:

  • Worldwide financial embargo is crippling Iran and its economy is in total disarray...there might be light at the end of the tunnel

  • US embargo on Persian rugs still in effect...no effect on rug prices or any other aspects of life in Iran...no other country has joined the embargo...China buys every rug that we cannot bring into the US.

  • Personal business news:
    We have decided to keep me in sunny Colorado (for now) instead of dreary Hamburg due to our expansion into Indian rugs which you should see in my website starting in the second half of the year.  While my family would like to have me in Germany, I will be managing more of my family's office tasks from here in the US thanks to Skype and the cloud technology.

First, let me share with you what you need to know about the current state in Iran and rugs. Then I will be selfish and share with you my personal endeavors.

At the time of writing, Iran is complete disarray and it is unlike anything I have seen since I was a kid and went to Iran with my parents to witness the revolution.  As suspected, the US embargo on Iranian rugs is as much of a failure as the embargo on Cuban cigars.  What we can't buy, others are more than happy to buy and basically China along with many other countries are buying up every rug they can.

What is having a huge effect in Iran is the global ban on all financial transactions with Iran. In late 2011 and then again in 2012, the worldwide banking system (swift) took Iran out of its network, which means that no funds can be send or received, whether from businesses, individuals, or the government. Also, the US and other countries have basically told all large corporations that they can either do business with us or Iran. As a result, it is virtually impossible to get products into and out of Iran since the shippers, insurance companies, and other related businesses have closed their doors in Iran.

Bottom line, everything in Iran has gone up so much that most businesses have had to close or are barely running on life support.  To give you an idea, virtually all food and basic goods are now 4 times more expensive than just a year ago and while the retail prices are changing weekly, the salaries are basically the same.  My mother was shocked when a $2 taxi ride in June cost her $10 in December.

I see a glimmer of hope.....
Despite everything that you hear in the news about possible Israeli strikes and more sanctions, here is what I saw and heard.  The people in Iran are fed up big time and even though the regime relies on its military and police, the guys in uniform all have families to go to that are suffering.  While the nuclear processing is a tremendous source of pride in Iran, it is causing more people to wonder whether an open nuclear program is not the better way to go that the secret one in place now.
The Iranian government seems to be placing all of the blame and credit on Ahmadinejad and he is so unpopular right now, that he will not only be out of office this summer when his  second term is up, but more importantly, nobody cares about the people that are following in his shoes.
My hope is that the regime will realize that some sort of open compromise will be only way out and the summer elections would be a perfect opportunity to put somebody in place who will basically place the blame on Ahmadinejad and then start a new path. This would also help the Iranian gov't and people to save face and I truly believe that this could be a viable option.....
Then again, we are talking about the Middle East and as the Murphy's Law clearly states:
"The chance of the buttered side of the bread falling face down is directly proportional to the cost of the carpet"

Personal Business News:

As some of you are probably aware, I was contemplating moving back to Germany and get more involved in our wholesale business in Hamburg.  That is why I spent the Christmas holidays there with my family to see what all of my future options are and here is what I have decided.

For now, I will not actively proceed with a move and try to do things from my office here in Colorado.  Thanks to all of the new technology out there, I will try to basically run our back room operations from here and basically it means that I will have to get up early in the mornings since Germany is 8 hours ahead in time.
From a business standpoint, I will fairly busy and will do my best to answer all e-mails and calls to the best of my abilities. If you get my voice mail more often, then chances are I'm napping or yelling at someone in Germany on the other line.  I will also be traveling to Germany on a more regular basis and hopefully this arrangement will work.  As much as I love the dry sunny weather in beautiful Colorado, I can't stand the weather in Hamburg and we will have to see how it works out.

Possible expansion into Indian rugs.
We are also currently starting our own line of rugs that are being made in India and will be in design and quality similar to the Tabriz Gonbad rugs that you see in my website.  The first prototyes are already done and our goal is to offer our retail clients alternatives to the Persian rugs that are very close to the real thing.  If all goes well, I might be getting a few of the pieces and don't be surprised if you see a few starting in the late summer.

So there you have it and I hope that I will be able to update you with even better news after the next elections in Iran.  As always, I will update you if there is anything important to note and best wishes to you.

Take care,

Update: 10/15/11

The reason for my liquidation sale and possible business closure is that we are contemplating to move back to Europe to be closer to our main Persian rug wholesale business in Hamburg, Germany. With the passing of my father in 2009, my family would like me to get more involved in our family's wholesale business in Germany and as much as we enjoy living here in Colorado, I feel that my presence at our main Persian rug business takes priority.
In addition, the US import embargo on Persian rugs allows me to sell my remaining rugs, but I can not import any new ones and I feel a bit like a fish out of water.  My plan was to wait out the embargo, but at the end I feel it is necessary to return to our family business in Germany, and hopefully someday hand the keys over to the next generation.

Most rug websites and retail stores don't carry the high end Persian rugs I offer and the ones that do have priced them for much more. Unlike other businesses that promise great savings, I actually want you to shop and compare so that you can see for yourself that my prices and selection are rarely ever matched. This is the first sale I have ever had and it will also be my last one.

Personal Note To My Many Friends & Clients:
When I first started my website over 12 years ago, I simply wanted to share my insights and passion about Persian rugs along with lots of relevant information.  I never had the intentions of actually selling any rugs and it was the input of so many folks that convinced me to offer some of the fine Persian rugs that you have seen over the years. It was your encouragement and support that got me to where I am today and I truly want to thank you.
Running an internet business means that I rarely ever get to meet my clients in person and yet I feel that I have made many new friendships all over the world.  I cannot put in words alone how grateful I am for your support and kindness.  So many of you have given me tips on how to expand (improve) my website, shared your personal experiences, and simply called to say hello.
As I end this chapter of my life and start a new one, please note of one very important thing.  Germany and Ireland also offer Internet services and while I may be moving, I will still only be a few keystrokes and phone calls away.

Take care,

Update: 10/1/11

BIG NEWS:  1 Year Anniversary of US Import Embargo!!!

Back in September of 2010, the US administration enacted an import embargo on all Iranian product including Persian rugs. Since a year has now gone by, I thought I share with you some of my own and my client's experiences.

  • The embargo is very strongly enforced!!!
    Since the import embargo took effect last year, I have been receiving literally hundreds of calls and e-mails from folks who had their rug confiscated by customs. Thanks to my website ranking high when folks search online for information about the Persian rug embargo, I'm busier than ever....I contacted the US customs in Washington and at this time the embargo is effects all imports of Persian rugs, commercial and personal. Again, all Persian rugs in the US prior to the embargo can be sold, but you can not bring in any more Persian rugs since the embargo took effect. If your Persian rug got impounded, I don't know how to help you and I can only advice you to contact the US customs office near you.....

  • How has the embargo effected the Persian rug industry??
    Honestly, not much!! The US was never a huge Persian rug market and right now there is a huge demand coming from Asia (China) and South America (Brazil). Instead of shipping the rugs here, the rugs are being sold to other countries and the prices are still going up.

  • Wholesale prices are up 20% since last year and production is down!
    It is now official. The Iranian government has for the first time admitted that the rug production of high end Persian rugs is down over 60% since 1995 and will likely not come back anytime soon. Due to huge increases in industrial manufacturing in Iran courtesy of Chinese companies, more Iranian are working in factories and offices instead of making rugs. The lower quality rugs are still readily produced, but the high end Persian rugs have seen a huge decrease in production.

Take care,

Update: 8/23/10

BIG NEWS:  Rug Embargo coming soon!!!

In June of 2010, the US government announced that it will introduce a total trade embargo against all Iranian products effective 9/28/10. After that date, no more Iranian made products will be allowed into the US and that of course includes the high end Persian rugs that you see in my website.

As a result of the embargo, I spent a couple of weeks in July overseas purchasing as many rugs as I could muster and have more than doubled my inventory. I have been receiving a lot of questions and e-mails from folks wanting to know what is going to happen once the embargo takes effect and here are the basics:

  • It is perfectly fine to purchase Iranian made Persian rugs as long as the rugs are already in the US. The embargo only means that you can not purchase or import them from overseas.

  • After 9/28/10 the rug sellers will no longer be able to import Persian rugs made in Iran unless they try to smuggle them in like they did during the last embargo from 1986 through 1999.

  • As to what will happen to the prices of the rugs, that is unknown at this stage. If the embargo last for a short time, let say less than 2 years, you should see very little of change from what you see right now since there is plenty of supply already in the US. Many Persian rug sellers like myself purchased a lot of rugs to keep us going for a while. On the other hand, if the embargo drags on like it did in the past, you will see steady price increases as the supply dwindles.

  • At this time, you will probably notice a 10-20% increase in the prices of rugs due to the fact that many rug sellers had to buy large quantities of rugs on credit, which adds to the cost of the rugs.

  • The recession has hammered the Persian rug business like most home furnishing businesses and many rug stores have either downsized, closed their doors, or slashed their prices to keep afloat. Only time will tell how the embargo will shape the Persian rug business in the US.

  • I will update this post again in about 6 months after I get a better feel from what is happening. As always, feel free to let me know if you got any questions and best wishes.

Take care,

Update: 8/10/09

Same old thing, different day!!
Had already got a e-mails from folks wanting to know what is happening with the rug prices in 2009, so here it goes.
I spend a couple of weeks overseas in July and the bottom line is that the prices have come down a bit compared to 2008, but not as much as I had expected. With the global recession taking a big bite out of the rug industry, I had every expectation to see a big price drop, which has not happened thanks to a slowdown in the rug production. There are simply a lot less rugs being made (especially the high end ones) and even though the demand has dropped off significantly, the economic and political situation in Iran does not allow for the big drop in prices. The prices have dropped about 10-15% in the last year, but that is mainly due to the rise in the US dollar.

Take care,

Update: 12/1/08

Finally, some good news!!
Once again, I want to share with you my latest findings after returning from my trip overseas.
Since 2003, the prices of Persian rugs have more than doubled and there is finally some good news to report, which I have been hoping for some time now.  With the current global economies fallen of the cliffs, our US dollar seems to have come back to life,  which has had a direct impact on the prices of Persian rugs.  For the first time in 5 years, I have been able to lower my prices by around 15% and I am hopeful that this trend will not reverse.

Please note though that the lower prices are mainly due to the rise in the US dollar and not the slowdown in the varies economies.  Even though the Persian rug market as a whole has slowed down, so has the rug production in Iran and their inflation of around 25% is still keeping up the prices.  My plan is to travel overseas again in 4 months and by then I should have a better picture of whether the price reduction is temporary or permanent.

Take care,

Update: 1/7/08

One word sums it all up: UGLY!!!
Got back from my trip a couple of days and as always, I'm completely jet-lagged.
Last year, I thought I had seen it all and once again I have been completely wrong about the prices of the high quality Persian rugs, especially the Tabriz and Qom pieces. In 2007, the Tabriz and Qom rugs have gone up in price about 30%, yes, that is 30%. Nain and Isfahan rugs have gone up about 10%. The main problem continues to be the high inflation in Iran, officially at 15% but in reality closer to 25%, and the continued weakness of our US dollar.

The prices in Tabriz and Qom are going up higher simply because more and more folks are giving up the rug business altogether. In places like Khoj, which is a small village where the Mahi (fish) design Tabriz rugs are made, the production is now about half of what it was just 5 years ago and as a result, the prices are just shooting up. The same is happening in Qom as well.  Prices in Nain and Isfahan are going up, but due to their traditional designs, there are still plenty of rugs to choose from, and therefor the prices will not climb as quickly.

My goal was to purchase about 30-40 rugs and I only ended up with 17 instead. I will be going overseas again in a few months and will update you again as soon as I return. Take a look at the 3 Tabriz rugs further down and you can see how the prices have changed.

Below is an much more detailed article about the overall situation and I will update this page again after my next trip.

Take care,

Update: 4/17/07

Got back from my trip overseas last week and just recovered from a bad case of a cold and jet-lag. The price of Persian rugs is still going up and it appears that the inflation rate in Iran is stabilizing at around 15%, but the weak dollar is having a huge impact as it has for last 3 years. As of mid April, the US dollar is approaching a new record low against the Euro and it is already at a 15 year low against the English Pound and many other currency. Do not expect any relief any time soon.

Below is an much more detailed article about the overall situation and I will update this page again after my next trip.

Take care,


If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

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