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Nain Persian rug #3178, click on the picture or description for more details about the Persian carpets.
Persian Rug #3142
Brenda D.
Hendersonville, TN
"The Tabriz rug is beautiful.  It is exactly as you described it to me.  I am very pleased with it and with the information you passed on to me.  I enjoyed talking to you. In the long run, I felt I could trust you and what you were telling me about the rug.

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Example of a high quality round Persian rug like this Tabriz round Persian carpet. Tabriz Persian rug #5141, gonbad Persian carpets & Persian rugs. Qom PURE SILK Persian rug, octagon qum Persian carpets & rugs. Nain Persian rug #5158, large Persian carpets & genuine Persian rugs.
Tabriz Persian Rugs Isfahan Persian Rugs Qom Persian Rugs Nain Persian Rugs

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Sample of Persian Rugs for Sale:
Tabriz Persian rug
Tabriz Persian rug #5122, click on the picture or description for more details about the Persian carpets.
Qom Oriental rug
Qum Oriental carpet #1221, click on the picture for more details about this Oriental carpet and other oriental carpets.
Nain Persian carpet
Nain 6 LAH Tree of Life Persian rug #1239, click on the picture or description for more details about the Persian carpets.


Tabriz Persian rug
Tabriz Persian rugs #4094, click on the picture or description for more details about the Persian carpets.
Qom Oriental carpet
Qom Oriental rug #3158, click on the picture or description for more details about the Oriental rugs.
Isfahan Persian carpet
Isfahan Persian rug #5130, click on the picture or description for more details about the Persian carpets.

Dear Visitor,
My name is Mike Panah, owner of MP Persian Rug Imports, and I like to welcome you to my website, which I started in October of 1999.  Unlike most other Persian rug retailers, I only offer genuine high quality Persian rugs for sale that are selected by myself or my family.  In addition, you will find lots of current information and advice about Persian rugs throughout my website.

As you browse around my website, you will see for yourself my sincere and straight forward approach to Persian rugs without any gimmicks or bogus sale pitches. This website and business is my personal passion and my low overhead allows me to sell the rugs at a lower price than virtually anyone else.  Feel free to look around and don't hesitate to let me know if you have any questions.
Best wishes,

Mike Panah
Owner, MP Persian Rug Imports

Special Section for Rug Collector's

Showcase of some my most unusual and popular Persian rugs since I started my business. If you have a passion for rare Oriental carpets, do not skip this section. 

Rare Persian Carpets Page 1           Rare Persian Carpets Page 2

Videos about popular Persian carpets & rare rug designs

Important Messages about Persian Rugs for Sale :

I have updated my article on the current prices of Persian carpets and please make sure you read over it to get a clear picture of what is happening.  You will find the link at the bottom of this page.

Personal Notes about the current and past state of affairs in the Persian rug trade.

I offer several different Persian carpet padding depending on the type of flooring and your needs.

If you are located outside of the US and are considering purchasing Persian carpets, please check this page for updated information about customs and shipping fees.

A brief introduction and background of this Persian carpet business and myself.

I also feature some of my Persian rugs on Ebay and here you will see my current listings and feedback.

Featured Persian Carpet Design
"Mahi Tabriz Carpets"

Round Tabriz Mahi Persian carpet, which is extremely hard to find in Oriental rugs. One of my most popular designs in round Persian rugs is the Tabriz Mahi design and this particular Mahi carpet features a pattern that is very unusual and hard to find. Designed for high traffic areas, these Tabriz Mahi oriental carpets will last a lifetime and are also great as showpieces due to their high quality and lots of silk highlights. A great example of a rare and beautiful round Persian carpet. Square Tabriz Mahi Persian carpet made by the Pirouzian family, who make some of the most unusual and finest Tabriz Mahi Oriental rugs. Unlike the standard Tabriz Mahi rugs, these Persian carpets are extremely fine and often feature much more added silk highlights. Mahi Tabriz carpets are often used in high traffic areas, but the high quality rugs like this square Persian rug are also perfect as a showpiece. As with all Pirouzian rugs, this piece has a signature and it is a great example of a high end Oriental carpet.
Tabriz Mahi carpets, also called "Fish" design, are some of the most recognized patterns in Persian rugs and is also one of the most popular. Genuine Mahi carpets come in a variety of qualities, colors, and sizes and are most common in rectangular shapes with the large medallion like in the example of the square piece. 
This design is perfect for heavy traffic areas or under furniture and the high quality Mahi carpets are also great showpieces. If you look around my galleries, you will see that my passion is for the unusual, and as you can see by the examples above, I always look for new and unique Persian carpet designs that are rarely offered by other retailers due to their scarcity. My biggest challenge is often to find replacements for the ones I sell.

To see more Mahi Persian carpets for sale or other featured carpet designs, please click on this link below:

Mahi Tabriz Persian Carpet Showcase

High quality Persian carpet being handmade by weavers in Tabriz, Iran. As you can see in this picture, high quality Persian carpets are genuine handmade carpets that are made one at a time.

All of my Persian carpets for sale are genuine handmade Persian carpets produced by skilled weavers as you can see this picture and in my galleries. Unlike lower quality Persian carpets, high quality Persian carpets are most often made in small carpet businesses and homes by families, who have been weaving rugs for generations.
As you can see in this picture, weaving these high quality Persian carpets is often a group project and it is very common to see several folks working on the same carpet.  In the case of this particular Tabriz carpet, the wife and husband will work side by side and this round carpet should be completed in about 2 months.
In addition to working on this 8' round Persian carpet, this family is also working on several other Tabriz carpets, which is also very common. Since the weavers can not earn a living until a carpet is sold, they often try to work on several pieces in case one doesn't sell or is damaged in the weaving process.

All of my Tabriz and Nain Persian carpets for sale are made of fine Kurkwool and have most have large silk highlights added to the pile.
Here you can see a young man trimming the silk highlights and adding the final touches on a large Tabriz Persian carpet. Weaving a Persian carpet like this 10'x13' piece can take several months and since it is a huge investment for the rug weavers, the trimming is typically done by experienced folks with nerves of steel, since one little mistake can cause a hole and destroy the carpet.
When a Persian carpet is completed, it is removed from the frame, trimmed, washed, and then sold to buyers or local shop owners. The person in the back in my mother, who lives in Tabriz, and she is my main purchaser. Our passion and respect for the Persian carpet weavers has allowed us to purchase many of these truly unique Persian carpets and we maintain a tremendous relationship with many of them.

For more information and pictures, please visit my information pages.

This Persian carpet weaver is using a special shaving tool to carve out the silk highlights, which is a commonly done in high quality Persian carpets. The tool that the young man uses is designed to trim the silk highlights of this Tabriz Persian carpet and it is a very careful and slow process. One mistake can cause tremendous damage to the Persian carpets.

10 feet round large Tabriz Persian carpet with a solid design, which is very rare in large round Persian carpets like this Tabriz rug. Most Persian carpets feature a large medaillion and to find one like this Tabriz rug and in this 50 raj quality is very rare. The design and quality make it perfect for a dining room or any other area, where a large round carpet is needed to be both beautiful and durable.

Here at Mprugs.com, you will only find high quality and handmade Persian carpets for sale, which are all made in Iran.  As you can see in the pictures above and throughout my website, I only offer the most sought after types of handmade Persian rugs and that must all meet the strictest requirements.

  • All Tabriz Persian rugs that I offer are at least 50 raj with around 350 kpsi and up.

  • Every Nain Persian carpet is a genuine 6-Lah with at least 400 kpsi and many have more.

  • All of the Qom Persian carpets are pure silk and have at least 500 kpsi.

Persian Carpets #1. One of the finest handmade wool Persian carpets that I ever offered is this 4-Lah Nain Persian carpet with over 700 kpsi. Typically, the only high quality Persian carpets with that high of a kpsi are pure silk Qom carpets and this Nain carpet is an extremely fine piece.

Since MP Persian Rug Imports is a small business and truly my personal passion, I like to take care of my clients the way I want to be treated. That is why virtually all of my clients, who have purchased Persian carpets from me either keep coming back or refer others.  First of all, when you buy a Persian carpet, it's one thing to see it on a computer monitor and something completely else when you have the Persian carpet in your home.  This is why I never consider a Persian carpet purchase completed until you actually have it in your home or office and are 100% satisfied.  Also, unlike most of my competitors, I offer a full money refund if the Persian carpet is not as promised with no questions.

Persian Carpet #2. High quality Tabriz Persian carpet made of fine Kurkwool and silk. All of my Tabriz Persian carpets are very fine and genuine handmade carpets and I only offer Tabriz carpets that are at least 50 raj.

Due to my personal passion for unusual Persian carpets, I always look for Persian carpets that are rarely ever offered by others. Even though uniquely designed Persian carpets are often a bit more expensive than standard ones, I think that they are well worth the time and effort and I hear from folks all the time who tell me that I have Persian carpets that they have never seen before. Whether the Persian carpets are round, oval, octagon, twins, metal based, or any other shape, I am always excited to be able to offer them provided of course that they have the quality that I and my clients expect. If you like to see some truly unique Persian carpets, don't miss my "personal favorites" section.

Persian carpets #7. This design in Persian carpets is called Gonbad and is based on the dome shaped ceilings in mosques. Round Persian carpets are very popular and this Tabriz Persian carpet design is among my most popular patterns.

One of the many reasons why Persian carpets are so popular has to do with their value and the fact that they are genuine handmade pieces of art. Unfortunately, many retailers like to exaggerate the values of the oriental carpets or mislead you with many different gimmicks, bogus discounts, and broken promises.
Every Persian carpet has a real value and it is current economic conditions that decide what it is and not some imaginary believe. All of the Persian
carpets that I offer for sale have clearly marked prices and you can easily compare them with that of others. MPrugs.com has been in business since 1999 and as you can see, there are no gimmicks and no cheap sales pitches. Just my passion for valuable Persian carpets.

Additional Information about my most popular Persian carpet types, designs, and shapes

ROUND PERSIAN RUGS. Click on picture or text to see samples of round Persian carpets in various sizes, qualities, and designs. This round Persian rug is a round Tabriz rug with a Mahi design.
Round Persian Rugs
QUM HUNTING CARPETS. Click on picture or text to read and see more about Persian Hunting Carpets. Most hunting rugs like this Qom carpet are made of pure silk and are very high quality Persian carpets.
Qum Hunting Carpets
TABRIZ MAHI RUGS. Click on picture or text to read and see more about Persian Tabriz Mahi rugs. Mahi Tabriz rugs like this large Persian carpet are among the most classic and popular designs in Tabriz carpets.
Tabriz Mahi Rugs
GONBAD PERSIAN CARPETS. Click on picture or text to read and see more Gonbad Persian rugs. This Tabriz Gonbad rug is a classic example of the dome shape design that has become one of the most popular designs in Persian carpets.
Gonbad Persian Carpets
PICTORIAL ORIENTAL RUGS. Click on picture or text to read and see more Gonbad Persian rugs. This Tabriz Gonbad rug is a classic example of the dome shape design that has become one of the most popular designs in Persian carpets.
Pictorial Persian Rugs
HERIZ ORIENTAL CARPETS. Click on picture or text to read and see more about Heriz Oriental Carpets. This Tabriz Heriz rug is a great example of the geometric design Heriz Persian carpets.
Heriz Persian Carpets
SQUARE PERSIAN RUGS. Click on picture or text to read and see more about square Persian rugs. Square rugs are not as common as the more traditional shapes like this large square Nain Persian rug.
Square Persian Rugs
QOM PERSIAN RUGS. Click on picture or text to read and see more about high quality Qum Persian rugs. Most fine Qum Persian rugs are made of pure silk and they are among the finest Persian carpets.
Qom Persian Rugs
OVAL PERSIAN CARPETS. Click on picture or text to read and see more about Oval Persian carpets. Oval Persian rugs are very rare due to the difficulty in weaving and most oval rugs like this Qum rug are truly novelty items.
Oval Persian Carpets
TABRIZ ORIENTAL CARPETS. Click on picture or text to read and see more about Tabriz Oriental carpets. When it comes to high qualityl Persian rugs, the Tabriz Oriental carpets are the best known and are considered to be the benchmark.
Tabriz Persian Carpets
NAIN ORIENTAL RUGS. Click on picture or text to read and see more about Nain Oriental rugs. Nain rugs come in many different qualities, but all of the Nain carpets that I offer are made of a very high quality.
Nain Persian Rugs
HIGH QUALITY & UNIQUE PERSIAN CARPETS. Click on picture or text to read and see more about uniquely shaped high quality Oriental rugs. Odd shaped high quality Persian carpets are very hard to find and are typically very expensive. Due to my personal passion for unique and high quality Persian rugs, I always look for rugs that are different and rare.
Uniquely Shaped Carpets
TWIN ORIENTAL CARPETS. Click on picture or text to read and see more about twin Oriental carpets. Twin Persian carpets are very unique due to the fact that most Persian rugs are made individually. The most common places for twin rugs are in long hallways and bedrooms.
Twin Persian Carpets
METAL ORIENTAL RUGS. Click on picture or text to read and see more about metal Oriental rugs. Persian carpets with a metal foundation are among the most unusual Oriental rugs and most of my clients have never seen one in person. These type of high quality Persian rugs are to be treated as showpieces and are extremely valuable.
Metal Persian Rugs

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

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