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Showcase of "Metal" Rugs

Dear Visitor,
I have added these pages to my website to show you some of the common designs in Persian rugs.
This page is devoted to a particular type of Persian rug, which is so rare, that most folks have never seen or heard of it, and it is the "Metal" rug. These rugs are incredibly hard to find and it is only due to my family's direct contacts with the weavers in Tabriz that I am even able to offer a few of them at a time. Before I continue though, take a look at the ones I picked out for this section and we'll go from there. The top pictures are pictures of the whole rug and the bottom pictures are the close-ups, where you can see the metal in the rugs.

X-Large Tabriz Persian rug with a silver metal foundation, which is very rare among fine oriental carpets. Typically, metal carpets feature a combination of cotton and gold-metal, but every once in a great while I am able to offer these silver metal rugs. The vast majority of metal rugs are Tabriz carpets and they tend to be of a very fine quality. Round metal Persian rugs rugs are also very rare and it is thanks to my direct family contacts with the carpet weavers in Tabriz that I am able to offer some of these rare tpye of oriental rugs. These Tabriz carpets are so rare that they are often purchased by retailers who then turn around and sell them for many times more.
This close-up is a picture of a silver metal rug and you can see the who the metal fibers are interwoven with the cotton foundation of the Tabriz oriental carpet. These Persian carpets are designed to be showcases and are among my most popular high end oriental rugs. Close-up picture of a round Tabriz Persian carpet with the gold colored metal foundation. In addition to being a very rare oriental rug, this Tabriz carpet also features a 60 raj silk foundation, which together with the metal makes for a truly high end Persian rug. You can see in the picture how the metal is added to the silk to make the whole Persian carpet shine.

As you can see in the bottom pictures, the metal fibers are extremely fine about the thickness of regular thread and they are added to the entire rug foundation. The weaving process of these type of carpets is very different from regular rugs in that the entire foundation is created first and then the pile is added. In normal Persian rugs, the foundation gets knotted as the weaver creates the pile and the foundation and pile are basically intertwined.  With the metal carpets, it is very different in that the entire foundation is woven first and then the pile is added. And the reason for this is that the pile typically only covers about 30-70% on the rug, meaning that there are large areas of the rug, where the foundation is left alone without any pile. The idea is that the pile, which is most often made of very fine Kurkwool and lots of silk, floats on top of this shiny background and it looks and feels like no other rug.
If you look at the top pictures, you can see how the pile is quiet colorful in both rugs and it only a fraction of the rug. These type of Persian carpets are very high end pieces and some like the round Tabriz rug even have a silk foundation, which makes them even more luxurious. Most of the metal rugs are made in Tabriz, but I have also seen a few Isfahan and Qom metal rugs. I would say that about 90% are made in Tabriz and the rest 10% elsewhere, but due to their fine quality they are always city rugs rather than tribal carpets. To make a rug like these, the weavers have to be among the best and they are so hard to make that I am truly lucky to even get them. Like I mentioned earlier, it is only thanks to our family's direct business connections with the rug weavers in Tabriz that I am able to get some of these rare Persian rugs.
Below are a couple of other examples and then a final word.

This Tabriz rug measured rawly 10x13 and is among the largest metal persian carpets I have ever offered. In addition to the size, it is made with a silk foundation, which is very hard to do in metal rugs and it is one of the most valuable and expensive oriental carpets I have offered in my business. One of my more unusual Tabriz metal carpets is this 7x10 rug from several years ago. Made with a very unique design, I have not been able to find one like it and it is in my opinion one of the most unique Persian carpets that I have ever offered.
As you can clearly see in the picture, the knots are very tight in this 60 raj Tabriz rug with a foundation made of silk and gold-metal. Many of these high end Persian carpets feature lots of silk highlights and in fact this Tabriz rug has a pile that is almost 50% made of pure silk. These metal carpets are showpieces and are designed for large formal rooms. Rather than showing you a close-up, I wanted to showcase the back of this Tabriz metal rug to give you an idea of what it looks like. Again, these metal rugs are totally different than anything you would find in regular Persian carpets and the back of this particular Tabriz rug is yellow due to the fact that the cotton foundation is actually yellow colored.

The two Tabriz metal rugs  pieces you see here are both large 10x13 pieces with a silk and metal foundation. Most of the metal rugs tend to be much smaller and I have only had a small handful of these very large pieces. These type of rugs are showpieces that are designed for formal rooms or areas where there is not a lot of traffic. They are perfectly fine to walk on, but I not recommend them for for places where there is a lot of food or traffic.
As a final note, let me answer two questions that I often receive and you be wondering the same thing. No, the metal does not rust over time and I have seen very old Tabriz rugs (80+ years) with the metal base and the metal fibers is still intact. Naturally, the metal will loose some of it's luster over that many decades, but it stills shines and there have never been any reported cases of it coming undone or rusting. Also, a have seen a couple of places that claim that these rugs are made with real gold or silver strands. If that was the case, I would be at home all day pulling out the fibers and taking it to a jewelry store. Just imagine how much gold there would be in one of these large pieces. There might have been some way to rich person in the Middle East who had one made with gold just like some palaces have gold faucets, but I'm sorry, there are no hidden treasures in these metal rugs.

Video #2

Metal Persian rugs

8 minute video about Persian carpets with metal highlights. In addition to a brief introduction with pictures, I will explain the unique characteristics of these rare Persian carpets with an actual example.


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I hope that you have enjoyed this article about the metal rugs and feel free to look at my other featured rug designs and my website.  As always, I enjoy hearing my visitor's thoughts and experiences, so drop me a line or two if you like.

Take care,

Mike Panah
Owner, MP Persian Rug Imports

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